The Shaw Bots

Shaw is Western Canada’s largest telecommunications provider — they’ve built a reputation for superior technology and excellent customer service throughout Canada. But in the highly competitive and rapidly changing world of telecommunications, they were missing one of the most powerful drivers of brand preference: a well-known brand platform.

A platform with multiple personalities.
This creative platform not only had to create likeability, but it had to complement a very diverse range of products and services — from cable television and Internet to business-to-business divisions, media properties and satellite services.

In addition to “Bit” and “Bud” (the main duo), each new character we developed personified a facet of Shaw’s offerings.

Designed for ease. Designed for speed.
“The pipe” represents the bots living and working inside Shaws ultra fast coaxial network. Alongside a custom Shaw font and no fuss design system, we enabled AD’s and designers to easily and consistently flex the platform for a demanding volume of work.

Art Director

Agency: Rethink
CD: Ian Grais, Nic Quintal
Copywriter: Rob Tarry, Morgan Tierney
ID: Kim Ridgewell
Web: Hannes Ottahal
Animation: Laika Studios