Worth the Extra Sweat

For International Women’s Day, Lululemon launched a global campaign to highlight the extra work that women are putting in to fight for equality rights. Local community events were hosted in participating cities and Lululemon added to the social conversation by hosting their own IGTV series.

Visualizing sweat.
To communicate our idea, we used beads of sweat as a graphic device to house photography. Warm gradients conveyed a sense of thermal heat, while also allowing us to integrate the official IWD colour palette.

Sweaty interviews.
We created an IGTV interview series that released leading up to IWD. To challenge our guests (who are no strangers to hard work) we conducted the interviews over an intensive workout while discussing topics like: Empowering the next generation of women, how to support women in sport, intersectionality, what it means to be inclusive and more. 

Episode 1: Ally Maz 
Founder of Girlvana

Episode 2: Stephanie Labbé
Olympian and Professional Soccer Player

Episode 3: Danielle-Jocelyne Ottou  
Founder of The Female Department

Team Lead
Art Director
Senior Designer

CD: Sofia Pona
Copywriter: Jessica Liew, Stevie Wilson
Design: Thomas Albrighton, Tora Hylands
Film: Boldly
Director: Emma Higgens
Cinematographer: Kaayla WhachellSuzanne Friesen
Photographer: Matt Korinek

Project Manager: Shea Martin