Rebranding the Province

British Columbia’s wilderness is in a league of its own. It’s one of the few places on the planet where nature still reigns supreme. And when you’re standing in the midst of it, you feel it. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the brand that represented it. So, we set out to give Destination BC a new identity, one that would do the province justice.

The new brand is a direct reflection of BC’s raw wilderness.

Type Design
We created a custom typeface called Great Forest and it became the cornerstone design element for the brand. The font is based on wood carvings to express the ruggedness of BC’s terrain.

The photography style not only establishes mood and engages people on an emotional level, it also embraces imperfection -- differentiating BC from typical travel brands.  


Agency: Dare/Camp Pacific
CD: Dick Hadden
CW: David Giovando
Type Design: ēthos
Film: Circle  

Destination BC

Brand New: Best Global Identities, Youtube's Top Ad's, Marketing Award, Applied Arts, Lotus Awards